Fighting Fair In Your Relationship

There are always ups and downs in a relationship. To be a healthy couple, you and your partner needs to know the way of fighting fair in your relationship. This will give the both of you to have a win-win situation and reduce the chances of having unresolved resentments to show up in future conflicts. Here are some tips to resolve a problem through fair fighting when you are having a conflict with your partner. Winfair88

No solution needed

Sometimes, we complain to our partners but we get even more upset when they come up with some advice. For them, they are trying to help us, while we feel like we were being corrected. So, the solution is to not expect a solution from your partner when you want to complain. Let your partner know that it is okay not to give a solution but to just listen to you.

Listen more

You know how most people argue? They talk and talk and talk. When our opponent keeps talking we too, wants to keep up and talk more, talk faster, talk louder to win the argument. We are so focused on winning in the argument that we only wants the other person to keep quiet. That will not solve anything, except leaving the person who gave up talking harbor resentment from the argument. The next time you argue, try listening more. You can make an agreement with your partner to do the same and you will find that your argument will be resolved better than before.

Love and not hate

When you have a fight with your partner, switch over to love instead. You know how we were always told that good will win over evil? Instead of plotting more and more schemes and fight harder, you can switch it around with love and compassion. Slowly, you will notice that it will cool down your argument.

Taking responsibility

When a problem arise in a relationship, it is not caused by one person alone. Take responsibility and don’t play the blame game. If the two of you agree to always take responsibility at all times, you will find that your fights will be short-lived.

Remember, conflicts are unavoidable because we are all an individual. When we choose to be in a relationship, we are also choosing to take responsibility and also keep the relationship as good as we can. If you care about your relationship, then work with your partner to keep your strong bond by having a good way to manage your differences. Fighting fair in your relationship will bring more benefits and make the bond between you stronger.



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