Spruce Up Your Promotions With Online Calendaring

A smarter promotion strategy always leads to better value-additions. Online calendaring is one such way that provides event organizers and course coordinators the ability to pep up their marketing endeavors. Online calendars not only streamlines all internal communications but also keeps prospective attendees and those already on board updated about upcoming events or commencement of a particular class. This ensures maximum participation and overall growth related to ROI.

Add online calendars to your webpage and see the difference

An image is said to have a deeper impact than reading a thousand words. Hence, as soon as a web calendaring feature is added to a webpage it becomes easier for those visiting the site to know what events are going to come up next, or when a particular course registration is going to commence. These online calendars are highly flexible, feature-rich tools’ which gives the users a convenient way to view events and classes that have already been scheduled and select the ones they wish to register for directly from the webpage calendar. It helps to do away with the need to notify each registered participant separately about an event via frequent email notification.

Online calendars are productivity tools which can be tailored to fit the need of a particular company or an educational institute. Just a little bit of alteration in terms of its look and display along with jazzing it up with a few more features, and a calendar looks as if it is a real synced-in element of the webpage itself. By using this calendaring, an organization can easily schedule all its events on the desktop and allow its attendees to do the same with equal convenience and ease. Chess tournaments calendar

Web calendaring for smarter publishing

Publishing events and class information has never been this easy. With the web calendaring facility one can create as many sub calendars as needed and publish events and other class related information. If there is a need to move an event from one calendar category to another, one can easily do that. Web calendars automatically publish the events list, which can be viewed by attendees either in the list or calendar formats.

What else can be done through calendaring? Well, the list is pretty extensive! Following are some of the benefits that can be realized via these features:


  • Web calendars support event “flyers”
  • One can add email reminders or detailed event related information to the calendars and share the info to the newsfeed of a particular social networking site
  • “Register now” pop-ups help to populate the events automatically on the online calendars
  • Associated Event Tags make online calendaring a far more effective tool
  • Photos, videos, custom content, user feedback, speaker information, and session materials such as PPT presentations and handouts can be added anywhere on the calendar and made available for registered users
  • Widgets showing upcoming events can be placed anywhere on the webpage having access to the online calendaring facility


Calendaring is available for online class management as well. In addition to the aforesaid general features, they have the following facilities:


  • Registration in more than one course by single user or a user group through a single transaction
  • All registered courses (of a particular institute) shown in different sub calendars according to the subject category.
  • Details of a course and class schedules are given in the online calendar



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