A 3-Series Or 5-Series?

It seems almost impossible to do a rational comparison when you’re deciding on which car to get for your next ride based on the topic above. I mean, how can you possibly compare a sporty BMW 3-series to a luxury (yet sporty too) 5-series, right?

But then again, there is actually only a tiny gap between the 3 and the 5.

Simply put, the 3-series is geared towards providing the owner a more sporty driving experience while the 5-series is more focused towards comfort and luxury. But yet when it comes to decision time, one can never decide almost instantly which model to get although the differences are quite obvious. Wbseries Media

So what does the 3-series have that the 5 doesn’t?

Well, for starters it’s the sportiness that the 3 exudes that no other BMW models can match. It has always been that way since day one. The 3-series has always been labeled as a performance and adrenalin pumping machine. Doesn’t matter if the car came with a 1.6-liter engine or loaded with the awesome 3.2-liter inline 6, it still managed to capture the hearts of both the young and old.

No other sedan could ever come close to the sportiness displayed by the BMW 3-series. It was the car which earned the title “The Ultimate Sports Sedan” by many automobile magazines. And it still carries that title proudly until today.

But what about the 5-series, and how does it fare against its younger sibling?

To say that the 5-series is “inferior” and not as popular as the 3-series would be a total lie because it is in a league of its own.

The 5 never really had the looks compared to its younger sibling but that all changed when BMW launched the E90 5-series. It’s shark-like appearance and smooth muscular body lines simply “killed” the 3-series. Courtesy of Chris Bangle, the E90 caused a wave of mixed responses world-wide with its controversial yet strikingly aggressive appearance.

But looks wasn’t everything. The 5-series also had the power to go with it. As “bulky” as it may seem, but it surprised many by delivering power that was almost at par, if not even better than the 3-series.

While the 3-series was sporty and fast, the 5-series feels much more planted to the ground and gave a more solid ride. There really isn’t a “which-is-a-better car” thingy here because each one of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can’t even say that the 3-series would sell better and have a better resale value as it is the most popular model in the BMW stable because sales for the 5-series have even surpassed the 3-series in recent years in some countries.

However, if you really must ask me, I would have to say I’d choose the 3-series, but then only by a hair’s breadth. Personally, I’ve developed a soft spot for the 3-series since its hey days, and the beauty of it has somehow remained deeply rooted in my heart until today.

However bear in mind that no matter which model you choose to get, you’ll never go wrong with a BMW. It possesses beauty, power and charisma all over. And it’s not really the BMW badge that gets you excited all the time, but it’s the thrill and exhilaration that the car gives you every time you fire up the ignition and put pedal to the metal.



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