The 3 Most Valuable 80s Comics – Are They in Your Garage?

Comics have been popular since the 19th century, imi9bet but collecting has only been considered a real hobby since the 1970s. Since then, many comics have increased in value up to millions of dollars.

Unfortunately, with mass printing and kids taking better care of their comics, few books from the 1980s will reach the multi-million dollar price tag anytime soon. However, there are many comic books from the ’80s that are valued in the hundreds of dollars. This makes digging through your old books worthwhile to see if you have any gems. joker681

1) Spider-Man #1 (1980s volume). Famous artist Todd McFarlane successfully brought this first issue into the limelight, which lead to many other Spider-Man series. Fun fact: Todd McFarlane usually hid spider emblems in his artwork – in character’s clothes, joker78 rocks, walls, etc. He then puts a number below his signature to indicate the number of spider emblems in the issue. This one will surely be a fun and adventurous read. Price: $180.

2) Amazing Spider-Man #300 (“Venom”). This is one of the most action-packed issues of the Amazing Spider-Man series, where a fight between the Venom and Spider-Man captured children’s imaginations worldwide. Again, the art is what makes this storyline so special. However, pggame365 another reason for the appeal of this story is the maturity and human interest of it. Venom, it turns out, is actually a journalist from the fictional newspaper Daily Globe, who developed hatred towards Spider-Man for exposing his poor reporting. In any event, the price on this book is astounding: $500 in mint condition. hp888

3) Batman #251 (“The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge!”). This series introduced the comeback of Batman’s archenemy, the Joker, drawn by now-legend Neal Adams. In this book, the Joker is first portrayed as a violent psychopath and a master criminal, which connects to the Joker characters played by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. This is the real reason for the mass appeal of this book, which goes for $300 today in perfect condition. 168galaxy

For collectors today, the obvious conclusion here is that groundbreaking art and stories make for the most valuable comics in the long run. The nostalgia factor is what adults today pay for, and since comics play such an important part in our childhoods, the value of these books should continue to rise. gcwin99



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