Make $150 Dollars an Hour – Start a Pressure Washing Business

With the way the economy is looking in the United States there is going to be an influx of people searching for ways to supplement their income or maybe even try to start their own full time business because of a corporate layoff. Starting a pressure washing business is an excellent way to supplement your existing income or turn it into a full time business. pressure washing

The pressure washing business is an ideal choice for someone with low capital because the overhead is low compared to most other businesses. If you know where to look and what to look for you can buy all of the equipment you need to get started with your own pressure washing business for under $1500. After purchasing your equipment, disco detailing the main recurring expenses you will have is your business insurance. You can acquire liability insurance with a one-million dollar coverage for around $100-150 dollars a month. You will also have equipment maintenance expenses, but that is inexpensive if you know what type of equipment to buy and you make the effort to take care of your equipment when out on the job.

You may be thinking, what about marketing expenses? There are many ways you can advertise your pressure washing business for free or for a low cost. Simply handing out business cards and distributing flyers around the neighborhood is a great inexpensive way to start marketing. You can also get new customers by placing your company information in online directories for free such as Google maps or Craigslist. various tips

The average price charged for pressure washing is around $350-400 dollars per home. Some residential job prices can range up to $600-$800 if they need their driveway, buzops fence or roof cleaned. Many of these jobs you can finish in 4-6 hours after you have had the experience of completing a few of these jobs on your own. You can also offer gutter cleaning and installation and deck sealing as additional services. Keep in mind, the pricing mentioned is only for residential work. The commercial work is even more profitable especially when you pressure wash apartment buildings and condo’s. bellanic

Another benefit is no special education is required to operate a pressure washer. Anyone with a physically able body and some common sense can do pressure washing work. It’s not that hard and it’s not rocket science, however as with any business there are ways you can make mistakes costing thousands of dollars. Common mistakes beginners make is when they buy the wrong type of equipment or market their business the wrong way. Mistakes can easily be avoided if you learn how to start the business from someone who has experience in the pressure washing business field. sokos miracle


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