Candle Making Project For the DIY Candle Maker – How to Rubber Stamp on Candles

I enjoy creative control in almost everything in the house including my candles. Are you the same way? There are so many ways you can personalize them. One of these ways is through rubber stamping. This method embeds a stamp of your choice on the surface of the candle. quickstamp

Rubber stamping on candles allows a DIY candle maker to quickly enjoy their homemade decor. With rubber stamping you can choose a primitive theme, country, elegant, retro. The choice is in the stamp you use.

Do you have a favorite stamp or theme? Extend the use of the stamp or theme onto your candles. If you are making a scrapbook photo album for a baby shower gift, quickstamp extend the rubber stamp theme to candles that are included in the gift.

Rubber stamped candles are great for gifts, parties, gatherings, and at home decor. You can create this personalized candle in 30 minutes or less depending how simple or decorative you want your candle.

Materials Needed:


  1. Clear Rubber Stamp – It is suggested to use a clear stamp because you can see exactly what you are doing when you place it on the wax. outdoorsfan
  2. Pillar or Votive – Results may vary depending on the wax and size you use.
  3. Water Based Ink – Protects the stamp from wax clinging to the design.


Preparing The Candle For Stamping


  1. Heat the wax. You can use a hot air blow dryer or a heat embossing tool. Direct the air onto the wax surface where you are placing the stamp. quick stamp
  2. Stamping the wax. Turn off the heat immediately and stamp your candle. If the candle is cylindrical you need to stamp it very carefully because it gets slippery when you move the stamp across the wax. Don’t slide it across. Sliding it across the candle causes wax build up on the stamp. If the design is not deep enough, quickstamp reheat and re-stamp. You can reheat the candle, but every time you reheat the candle it alters the design.
  3. Put your finishing touches on. Complete your candle by rubbing the ink pad gently over the clear stamp impression. Metallic inks work very well.
  4. Clean up. Easily peel the wax off the stamp.


Here are some ideas to make your rubber stamping candle unique.


  • Colored
  • Emboss before applying the stamp. Glitter works great qqstamp


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