The Many Varieties of House Plans and Architectural Style

Just as the English that is spoken in America is full of expressions that have been borrowed from a variety of languages, the type of residential architecture in America also borrows styles that originated around the world. Some of them Style were first seen right here in the States though and they include ranch-style homes and the Cape Cod. America is known as a melting pot and the house plans and architectural styles that are seen here are a great example of that.

To find the ideal house plans for you and your family, here is a glance at some of the most popular architectural styles. roofing

Cape Cod

This is a style that was developed for the harsh winters that New England is known for. This originated in the 17th century although you can find a more modern version of it all over. Characteristics of this style include steep roofs that allow for easier removal of snow, a central fireplace, Barfußschuhe and a single-story design. Now, many modern touches include things like garages in the rear and dormer windows.


The Colonial originated in the 1600s and was popular until the 1800s. Now we are seeing a resurgence of this style. Colonial house plans come in a wide variety of sub-categories such as German Colonial, cinemay Dutch Colonial, Spanish Colonial, and French Colonial. Each sub-category has its unique features. For example, in the Dutch Colonial style, the homes are typically built from brick and stone while the Spanish Colonial homes will often feature an inner courtyard. That said, some features are seen in all types of Colonial homes. These include fireplaces on both ends of the home, square rooms on each level, barn or gambrel roofs, and an overall rectangular shape. Tayapronetwork


Contemporary-style homes are lacking in any sort of historical inspiration. They are instead influenced by modern housing preferences. These house plans have features such as designs that are asymmetrical, large open spaces, rooflines that are dramatic and huge swaths of windows.


The Craftsman style is a type of bungalow-style house. They feature wood trim for decorative purposes, digital marketing porches that wrap around the house, roof rafters that are exposed, and roofs that are low pitched and gabled.


The European style includes a variety of styles. For example, Spanish house plans can be considered to be European. So can Georgian-style house plans, French Country, more info please visit and Italianate-style houses. In essence, any style that has a style that has been influenced by any sort of European style can fit into this category. Typically, the exteriors of a European-style home will be stone, stucco, or brick. Sometimes the cultures collide with French Normandy-style arched openings being combined with Italian Palladian windows. Spanish-style European house plans may include ornamentation made from terra cotta and clay tile that is low pitched.


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