Portrait Painting and Its Different Aspects

It requires many years of an artist to hone the skills of perfectly painting portraits. Thus, portrait painting is an art that involves huge amount of technicality and experience in terms of painting by a portrait artist. The work can be perfect only if the painter can successfully establish the character of the subject on the canvas.

Generally, those who want to get their portrait done; they wish it to be painted in their desired way so that it can bring out their image to the public in the form of that work of art. If you look at some of the popular portraits, you will find that the painting represents the true character of the person. If the person was a warrior, the painting has shown him wearing complete warrior dress and sitting over a horse. Similarly, if the person was a scholar, the painting shows him sitting ideally in a library, dog on mug surrounded by books. This signifies that the main focus of an artist must be on establishing and bringing out the real self of the person who is to be painted on the canvas. The portrait must be able to bring out the minutest details of the person on the canvas. It should appear as the person in the painting is exactly the same as he or she looks in the real life.

Nowadays, this art have got huge popularity and recognition that many people prefer having their own portraits. Things were different earlier, as only the ruling class or the royals could afford such luxury and wishes, but now anyone can have his/her painting done at affordable price. You can find artists who specialize in making hand painted oil paintings from a photograph. It eliminates the need to sit for a portrait drawing in a studio. They can paint people, pets and even landscapes. These oil paintings make great gifts for special occasions.

There is neither any particular set of rule to develop such exclusive art nor that there is any secret or shortcut to achieve perfection. Experience of the painter is the major factor that can make his or her work perfect. However, there are few basic guidelines that need to be followed while developing such form of art.

Getting the background of the painting right is one of the major factors make the work perfect. It is to be understood that the main focus must remain on the subject that is the person whose painting is being made and not the background. So, the background must enhance the appeal of the subject rather distract the viewer.

The painter should not start doing the portrait right away from the beginning. Rather he or she should prepare few sketches of the person who wish to get his painting on the canvas. With close observation, the painter can carefully sketch the person by taking into account all his features. It requires lots of patience of both the painter and the person and then only the end result can appear as perfect.


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