Weight Loss Goals for Life

If your goal is to lose weight and you write that down along with the specific amount of weight you will lose then once you meet this goal you will need to set a continuing goal that may be even more important which is to keep off that weight for the rest of your life. Unfortunately weight loss is only one part of the goal setting process because once you begin to lose weight you must be committed to keep it off as you go. A ping pong type of weight loss is not good for your goal setting but also it’s not great for the body either. So when you set weight loss as a goal that goal must be a work in progress and you must adjust this goal and reexamine it weekly or monthly as the process and progress gets closer to completion.

Once you achieve this weight loss goal you must celebrate in some manner. You must reward successful goal achievement with some reward and some celebration because you have accomplished a life accomplishment and actually increased you life span too. So a celebration is in order. Once you celebrate the weight loss achievement you must then set a new goal to keep the weight off which may be even more difficult. Make sure you break down this next goal into small steps to make it achievable too.

So like with any goal you must set phases or smaller steps to accomplish this. An example might be to write down weekly or monthly menus that don’t include snacking or high calorie foods and hang this menu where you can see it and follow it. Then another small set in the goal is to exercise daily. Without exercise losing weight is only an eating exercise and the body must exercise too. When you set exercise goals to go hand in hand with better eating goals and menus you are actually changing your life style. Thus you are setting a personal goal that is within the realm of things that impact the personal self. Others may be spiritual or social or even cultural like travelling. But they must have some personal relevance to you for you to take them seriously.

As with any goal it must be measurable and in the case of losing weight you can set your goals monthly so that you lose a specific amount of weight over a specific period of time. This goal is then specific and it is measurable which are two of the important aspects of any goal. Just remember not to get too anxious and begin to weigh in hourly or daily as this can become discouraging and lead to bypassing this goal. Also remember that you will lose water weight first and this is sometimes a false indication that you have achieved your goal. So make sure your goal is for a set period of time like six months or eight months and it’s not a crash diet to lose weight only for a week or two.




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