Local Government Create a Bill for Teacher’s Sake

Cagayan de Oro city is one of the cities in Mindanao. The city is commonly known as city of friendship. It is the most popular city around the Mindanao area which basically one of the progressive cities in terms of businesses. As matter of fact there are lots of establishment buildings continuously construct for the purpose of making the city to be one of the leading places here in Mindanao Island. But humors are spreading that Cagayan de Oro has not been fully equipped when it comes to the materials in hospitals and schools. This Cagayan de Oro news is so alarming for the people living here.

The news is now the main problem of this local government. In fact some of them are now making actions about adding hospitals and schools. Moreover, there are two lawmakers made and filed bill for creating a hospital for school teachers. Their reason is that the teachers in CDO strive to teach their students in spite of low salaries and working for extra curricular for the government. This bill is to provide teachers regular hospitalization for their health knowing that their bodies are over used. And for these two lawmakers, teachers are heroes and in need of attentions for the purpose of having healthy body for the sake of the students who will someday become the next leader in the Philippines. These two lawmakers believe that without these good teachers there are no successful people now. That is why creating this bill means that teachers are one of the most important existence in the whole world.




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