The Bad, the Good, the Best With Network Marketing Home Business of the Future

“Don’t become a victim of yourself. Forget about the thief waiting in the alley; what about the thief in your mind?”Jim Rohn

The bad news is that this recession has caused an unemployment rate that hovers about 10%. Joblessness has wreaked financial and emotional changes and hardships for countless people. The good news is that Own Your Channel offers real stewardship and opportunity to become self-employed with a profitable home business. The best news is that change begins at a personal level..and no one can calls us to action like Jim Rohn.

Bad News

Recently a New York Times/CBS Poll surveyed 708 unemployed adults. Their poll reveals depth and trauma of joblessness.
Unemployment has caused major life changes and mental health issues for millions of Americans.

Now here are some of the realities faced by unemployed workers which applied to nearly half of them

  • borrowed money from friends or relatives
  • cut back on doctor’s visits or medical treatments and did not have health insurance
  • suffered from depression, anxiety, insomnia
  • encountered more difficulties with conflicts and arguments
  • had trouble maintaining even the basic necessities,paying house payments and other bills
  • faced rising foreclosures and evictions
  • more embarrassed and ashamed of being out of work (men more so than women)
  • majority were rethinking career choices, moving, retraining
  • took on additional hours or another job to make ends meet (or spouse)

Does receiving unemployment benefits cover basic necessities…61 percent said no.

Does the job market look promising for future security… 39 percent anticipate improvement, 36 percent expect it will stay the same, and 22 percent say it will get worse.

Who or what is to blame for this high unemployment rate?
The highest blame went first to government and politicians (37%), banks (8%), globalization (8%) and other causes

Another interesting note: Approximately 30% people in a nationwide poll said their salary had been cut due to bad economic conditions.


Is there a silver lining in this stormy economic prediction?

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