What is a Press Release and How to Write One

A press release doesn’t have to be a major news story that only big companies use. The purpose of writing a story is to inform the public of news or developments. It is a publicity tool and everybody can write something about a product or business, small businesses and even bloggers do it to get noticed.

It is a great way to get traffic to a website in a short time. A story that is well written and have some news that many people are interested in can get picked up by for example Google or Yahoo news. When it makes it to some of these giants it will provide many visitors to a website or blog.

There is many free services that you can use to begin with that will give you a boost in traffic. Even if your press release don’t make it to Google or Yahoo news it still have a big chance to get ranked in the search engines.

When you feel you have a really good news story and a product or service that you believe can be a success, it maybe worth using paid services. This will make sure your story get picked up by big news sites. Other benefits except more visitors is that your website will also gain authority.

How to write a press release.

It is important to do some keyword research before writing to make sure you pick phrases that get many searches but aren’t to competitive. You can quite easily get ranked on the first page of Google and get many visitors this way just by picking the right words.

One of the most important aspects of a press release is the title. It needs to have your keyword in it and also catch attention of the reader. For example the word secret often gets people interested and can be used to grab the readers interest. Take a look at Google news to get ideas on how others write titles and pay attention to what grabs your interest.

In general you want to answer the W questions which are (who, where, what and why). Try to answer these questions and your press release will be effective. A news story should be written in third person so never use words like I or We. You should never write a story like a sales letter, write it more from a neutral point and list the facts about the product or service.




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