Good News For Women Putting Up With Vaginal Odor – 4 Natural Cures For Quick Relief

Are you suffering from an embarrassing smell around your vaginal area? You will be glad to know that you can eliminate this problem for good by using natural cures for vaginal odor. In this article I am going to give some simple tips which will put you on the road to recovery fast. You will once again smell good and fresh with the help of these cures.

Although there are a number of over the counter drugs and creams available in the market which promise to provide vaginal odor relief, in my opinion you should first try out the natural methods. Natural remedies are based on ideas which do not produce any side effects and are absolutely safe to use. They are much cheaper too compared to conventional treatment

At the first sign of vaginal smell you must note to

1. Avoid over washing

In case you wash your vagina more than couple of times a day, you will be stripping it of natural lubricants already present. These natural lubricants are essential to maintain a healthy vaginal flora. If an imbalance is created, harmful bacteria can grow and make the problem worse

2. Avoid using perfumed products

Do not use any perfumed soaps or lotions for vaginal application. These normally contain alcohol and chemicals which can worsen your condition rather than masking the vaginal smell.

3. Protected sex

Make use of condoms while having intercourse. If you have vaginal smell, the alkaline nature of semen can make the odor more pronounced. Therefore, it is a good idea to use condoms till the odor completely disappears.

4. Panty Liners

Use a thin panty pad when you are out. These absorb a surprisingly large amount of discharge and help to mask the odor. These can be easily carried for changing frequently during the day.

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