More Bad News For Rap Music

Popular rap songs will always be a part of our culture. The music will always have a big influence on our lives. Songs that are made to express the sensations of violence has been found during most periods of history and popular rap songs are no exception. The music we pay attention to, has a way of shaping our surroundings.

Rap music has adopted the rhythm and the beat of an earlier genre. You can usually tell it by the beat that loops around continuously in the background. This is probably rap’s most important attribute. Without it there is no life to the music. In the beginning, rap music was made up of social rap, and was sensitive to the political agenda. Social songs included entertaining, not offensive vocals and were being designed to make people dance. The political form engaged the agenda whether the good or bad that the song writer was for.

This is nothing new since songs about the direction the country was going have always been part of our heritage. However rap music tends to take a beating in the media and is blamed for a lot of the problems that exist in the neighborhoods. The problems are already there. The artists in my opinion are just capitalizing on life as they know it. These problems would still be shoved under the rug if the music producers had not recognized talent.

The path the songs have taken, have evolved with commercial success over time. Lyrics have gotten bolder, but the beat has never changed. This in my opinion makes this one of the easiest music fields to enter.

You will still need a good beat making sequencer, and thanks to the computer, a beginner can sound like a seasoned Pro. The computer now makes what took months to create and allows you to produce your music in days. It will store your work so you have access to it at all times. You can edit your work at will. You can now use video and instrumentals without having to pay extra for it. The training is exceptional with video tutorials. This allows you to have 100% copyrights to your own work.

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