Good News for Acne Sufferers

Acne is very unpleasant and can lead to many other problems such as lack of confidence and a sense of being rejected or not fitting in because of your looks. Acne can be with you in your teens and with many people right through their lives.

Thankfully these days a lot more is known about Acne and help is at hand. You really do not have to suffer with Acne any more. Dermatologists and doctors nowadays suggest a change in diet rather than writing out a prescription for a drug such as Accutane or some other remedy. If you continue to eat the wrong food such as processed food then you increase your blood sugar levels which in turn makes the body produce more insulin.

So if you really want to be free of Acne the message is very clear, watch what you eat. Your face in particular will need special cleaning as it is the most exposed part of your body. If your skin is oily, dirt will stick to it and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Use a good facial cleanser and if you are one of those people who seem to produce access oil in those areas of the face then cleanse your face more often. DRINK A PINT OF MILK A DAY, NO not if you are an Acne sufferer because milk is now known to increase the problems associated with Acne. Apparently skimmed milk is worse because it is digested quicker. Whole milk because of a higher fat content is consumed slower by your body and has less effect on Acne.

You just cannot win can you because they used to say drink a pint of milk a day. I am not sure that they still say this though; perhaps I am showing my age here as this was an old television advert going back many years. Do we want Acne and Pimples during those teenage years and just when we are starting to go out in the world and trying to look as cool as possible? Do we want this condition at anytime certainly not? What about the effects on the family because we feel bad about the way we might look we can often take things out on the people around us.

So the effects on our friends and family can be almost as bad. There have been many sad instances when people have taken very drastic action because of the bad effect that Acne has had on their lives. I have lived in the UK for most of my life I was born there and I now live in the Philippines. I have noticed that the problem of Acne and Pimples here just does not compare to that of the UK. The diet here in the Philippines is far different than the diet that a lot of people have in the UK.

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