Breaking News – What Can Deadly Storms Teach Us About Our True Identity?

Do people ignore changing weather patterns that should become household topics? Will the mighty power of the storm pounding the Northeastern part of the United States bring wisdom to enlighten people about the power of nature? A rainbow lives somewhere behind the disastrous wind, rain and turmoil. For the people enduring the forces of the storm the rainbow will perhaps be non-existent to the point of hopelessness.

No doubt lives lost, homes destroyed and businesses wiped off the face of the map will be the cause of lost faith. Hopefully people are praying asking our Creator for mercy in the midst of this weather phenomenon. But what about those people who are about their business, being too busy with their own lives ignoring the needs of the victims living this chaotic weather pattern?

This gives me pause. During the storm of my identity theft four years ago, my family almost lost our true identity. We later learned that identity is not about the money, it’s about who we are as creations of God. This lesson learned after the death of my husband (mostly due to the stress of the identity theft), changed the way I live my life.

It takes the trauma of a storm in life to learn just how vulnerable we are as human beings. When a storm the size of hurricane Sandy integrates with other storms to deluge the land with historic catastrophic, monstrous conditions, hopefully the core of true identity emerges among the people. The wisdom to know and understand we are fools if we think we can do it alone will once again enter the hearts and minds.

This storm reported to be 700 miles across with winds of 100 mph and about sixty million people out of power for days, perhaps weeks is overwhelming. The snow fall could be up to seven feet or more paralyzing the activities of people for weeks even months. Will Americans learn from this paralyzed state of being and living? Only time will the answer this question.

For people to see beyond the circumstance underlying the trauma occurring in life is crucial to the ability of balance and emotion in stormy times. Whether the circumstance is a hurricane, personal tragedy such as identity theft, divorce, death of a loved one or dozens of other scenarios that cause emotional frenzy, Phantoms of Identity Theft rear their ugly heads to instill hopelessness to destroy faith and ruin lives, which is their only intent.

Knowing who we are, our true identity can help us cope with consequences out of our control. The time of recognition of our real self is placed directly within our path of life. How many people will see that path and change direction? Again only time has the answer.

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