Sarcoidosis Prognosis – All You Need to Know, and Exciting News

Sarcoidosis prognosis is a complex task since there are so many factors involved. Sarcoidosis is a complex multisystem disease. It is an autoimmune disease which means that the immune system is activated to fight a non-existent enemy and ends up fighting our own body. The important thing to know is that sarcoidosis is not a form of cancer.

Sarcoidosis prognosis-General facts

Sarcoidosis symptoms vary greatly, from mild forms to severe that can leave permanent damage in the body of patient or even cause death. In approximately 60% of the cases, sarcoidosis heals on it’s own, sometimes without the patient even being aware of the condition. On the other hand, fatal complications can occur in up to 10% of the patients. More details please

Sarcoidosis prognosis in lung and skin sarcoidosis (most common)

Lung involvement occurs in 90% of the cases. In 60-70% of the cases remission of radiographic findings occur within 2 years. In 10-15% of patients, sarcoidosis progresses rapidly to the next stages. These are the patients that end up developing chronic sarcoidosis. The rest of the patients (15-30%) find their disease slowly progress and being manageable with steroids.

Skin involvement occurs in 20-35% of sarcoidosis patients. It is usually a sign of a more severe form of the disease. Spontaneous healing is very rare and aggressive treatment is usually the course taken by modern medicine is skin involvement is present. Response to treatment with topical, intralesional, or systemic corticosteroids is achieved in fewer than 30% of patients.

Sarcoidosis prognosis in an individual patient

Accurate sarcoidosis prognosis is almost impossible with an individual patient but the symptoms can give some clues as to what is the expected course of the disease.

For example, a sudden onset of general symptoms such as weight loss of feeling poorly is usually taken to mean that the course of sarcoidosis will be relatively short and mild. Dyspnea and possibly skin sarcoidosis often indicate that the sarcoidosis will be more chronic and severe.

Also, sarcoidosis prognosis in white patients is much better then those in black, since milder forms of the disease tend to develop.

Sarcoidosis prognosis is not an easy task but there is some news in the sphere of alternative treatment of the disease that provides those diagnosed with hope. Some alternative treatment methods report certain breakthroughs in the field of research of causes behind the protocol.

One of them is a holistic protocol, known as the Aden protocol You can read more about it here

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