Employment News From Scotland

The aim of this article is to outline recent news about Scottish employment. Yes, there are some negative stories and it is important to take note of them. However, I have specifically included not only some positive stories but some stories that show people making an effort to improve things. New schemes have been put in place to counteract the economic downturn and we need to understand and embrace them.

Claimant count levels in Scotland fell by 600 in June.
The finance secretary John Swinney has said ‘Scotland is continuing to see fragile signs of recovery. Today’s figures highlight a fifth consecutive monthly fall in the number of people calming jobseekers allowance.’

Scottish unemployment still growing
There has been an increase in the number of Scottish people out of work. The figure has increased by 8,000. This is why it is so important to find the best Scottish Jobs websites online so that you can apply for the best jobs available. More details please visit:-https://www.residens-ejendomme.dk/ https://feerie-gym.com/

The Press and Journal reports that recruitment problems are easing.
Apparently employers are starting to recruit the individuals that they want who have the necessary skills.

‘Graduate Tax’ being considered in Scotland.
The new controversial plans by the UK government to implement graduate tax have been considered by the Scottish government.

7% drop in vacancies for Scottish grads.
It has recently been reported by the Herald Scotland that job conditions will be tough for Scottish graduates. The data is based on information from the UK’s biggest graduate employers.

New scheme will see apprenticeship programme promoted through Social Networks.
A new campaign will use Facebook and Twitter being used to advertise the Modern Apprenticeships programme. They people responsible for this programme are hoping to reach a wider audience by utilising the recent popularity of social media.

Herald claims good work environments can make Scotland stand out.
The Scottish national newspaper claimed last month that Global competition won’t be such a problem if Scotland builds great workplaces. Janet Harkess from the Herald Scotland has said ‘A Scottish workforce that is highly-skilled, highly-motivated and productive will be fundamental to our future economic competitiveness.’

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