Good News For Sufferers of Receding Gum Lines

Receding gums might not only detract from one’s appearance, but they can be harmful to your overall health. However, there is good news: Individuals with mild to moderate recession of their gum tissue can see significant improvement by working with their dentist to treat the problem, avoiding the more serious periodontal disease.

Prevent It First

Gum recession is a process where the outer tissue surrounding a tooth starts to wear away toward the root, exposing more of the tooth enamel, and increasingly its root. It is often one of the first signs of gum disease, according to The best way to avoid periodontal disease, caused by receding tissue and bacteria, is preventing it. This is easily done by just using good daily oral hygiene practices.

The best method is to avoid receding gums is by brushing with a soft toothbrush, using mild-to-moderate pressure and small circular or very soft short up and down strokes. By improving your oral hygiene habits, you can help keep your smile healthy! More details please visit:-

Tips to Stop or Reverse Recession

In many cases, it is possible to prevent, treat and stop or reverse receding gums. Consider the following tips:

  • In mild cases, the natural healing process occurs with better oral hygiene techniques; enough to restore your tissue’s health. If you believe you may already have receding gums, start with a full, deep cleaning from your dentist. Follow it up with daily brushing. Flossing is also important. The health of your gums will likely return over time.
  • If these techniques and treatments do not reduce the bacteria and plaque, it may be necessary to do an even deeper type of cleaning, called root planing. Again, regular visits to your dentist and good oral hygiene habits can help it so that it does not worsen.
  • In more severe cases, it may be necessary to have your dentist graft tissue from other areas, using it to cover the exposed root surface. This can help give existing gum tissue a boost and restore its health.
  • Your dentist can provide you with medications to relieve discomfort or pain while also providing treatment options that will help reduce sensations due to exposed, vulnerable root(s).

Education about proper oral hygiene and preventative steps are critical for anyone who has receding gums. If your gum tissue pulls away from your teeth, or are less pink than they used to be, now is the time to get the healing process underway.

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