No One Cares About Your “Company News”

Many business blogs aren’t really blogs at all. They’re “News” posts usually comprised of “who cares” topics like “Why Our President Is So Awesome” and “We Just Hired a New Janitor – He’s Name’s Leroy.”

As part of my SEO strategy, I’m always pushing clients to blog more, and blog about topics that people are actually interested in. I recall one of my first web design clients, a personal training studio in North Scottsdale. Along with the design and development of their website, they hired me to do SEO. As part of my plan, I recommended that we build a blog for the website using WordPress. They agreed, but we collectively chose to make the blog inactive until they decided who was going to write the articles. It was two years later when they finally embraced the idea of writing posts, and though I had recommended that they use ghost writers (or even myself) to generate blog content, they opted to do it themselves.

Big mistake. The first post they wrote wasn’t even a post. It was more of a nonsensical paraphrase of “Why you should hire a personal trainer” ad copy. Their next post was equally bad. Soon after I gave them my blunt opinion – this blog sucks. More details please

But they’re no different than a lot of business owners. They believe that the purpose of their blogs is to only talk about themselves and their company. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but company news posts should be sporadic at best, and they should only relate to big announcements that may impact the company and how it does business.

The problem comes down to: A) people have no idea what to write about, and B) they can’t write. Take the personal trainers. In 5 minutes, I could come up with at least 30 perfectly relevant topics they could write about. I remember, just before we activated the blog, one of the trainers had just started wearing Nike Free shoes. He loved them and talked about how much of a difference they made during his workouts. His other trainers started wearing them, too. I told him that it would be a perfect time to write a detailed review on the Free. After all, he’s a personal trainer and has a lot of insight into sports wear. Did he listen? Nope.

Part of the magic of blogs is how they help you establish authority in your indu

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