Article Writing Ideas – Tapping on News and Other Timely Information For Content

When doing article marketing, especially for article directories, I usually suggest that marketers focus on writing evergreen content that will last. Although usually the directories have the feature to edit previous articles, it could take a lot of time to edit timely information every so often.

However, there are times when timely information could be beneficial. Current events, for example, always are in demand for popular articles. Whenever there is a new development in the industry that is related to your business, you could (and should) tap into it by writing an article or a series of articles.

Now here’s a tip. You don’t have to write a whole new article if you don’t want to. You may have a few evergreen articles that you can reuse by giving them a current slant. Of course, the content should be rewritten, summarized or updated as necessary to avoid similarity. More details please

You could offer your commentaries about current events and developments. Perhaps the industry changes so fast that people are wondering if your methods or tips still hold true. Restating the points and explain why they may or may not be working right now is one way to related to the changes. There are certainly unlimited ways to do it.

If you really want to piggyback into current events for traffic, consider subscribing to news/blog feeds, reading newspapers, and/or watching television news. Often with a bit or no change at all, you could turn a timely article into press release to be posted on press release sites for additional exposure.

Who knows if the journalists are going to pick up your story and do an interview or two with you?

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