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The education system is moving more and more towards a technology based one with online colleges and distance learning methods growing in leaps and bounds since of recent. Statistics have shown that this dramatic shift, away from the traditional classroom has been evident with there being a 17 percent increase in enrollment in online courses since 2008 whereas the overall increase in the students who entered university rose by only 1.2 percent during the same period. This means according to online college degree news that more than 4.6 million students had joined at least one online course in the semester of 2009.

According to online degree college news, many courses can now be offered online that are provided either by virtual schools or traditional universities that offer these degree programs. The trend of getting a degree online has become so popular that even the more traditional colleges say that the online courses offered by them contribute towards the profit of the school’s revenue. Some colleges even went further to state that since the online registrations fill up pretty quickly, keeping up with the demand for slots has become quite a challenge to them. More details please visit:-

Some people are sure to wonder why there has been such an increase in students applying for online college degree news. Job seekers have realized that without a recognized college degree their chances of finding employment are very limited. In a way, the global recession has a lot to answer for this modern trend when workers who were low down in the scale of education found themselves laid off without much sympathy, whereas the ones who were highly educated or had least a college degree to their name managed to survive and live to fight another day.

While those who lost their jobs realized this was a good time for them to enroll in a course that could enable them to find employment, the ones who had left school without going in for higher studies decided to join the band wagon and get themselves educated with a degree in order to complete the studies they had not been able to continue due to several reasons. Whoever wants to follow online college degree news should be careful and do a thorough research about the college they hope to join.

One thing they must always keep in mind is that just like everything else, the online college degree news is that there are many fake schools that dupe people out of their money, promising college degrees which however turn out to be only diploma certificates due to those colleges not being accredited ones and therefore not acceptable to job employers.

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