Why, So Many, Have TIRED, Of Current News?

I have found, myself, often warning my fellow Americans, to wake – up, and resist the temptation, to avoid the every – day, annoyances, vitriol, and empty promises/ rhetoric, we witness, nearly daily! If we take this easier path, of lesser resistance, and ignore this behavior, we let those, who wish to, perhaps, transform our nation, from the land of the free, with equal liberty, rights, and justice, for all, to something, many of us, believe, will be unrecognizable! Instead of giving up, and permitting the negative influences, win, we must avoid the temptation to become TIRED, of the current news (and exhibiting apathy), and, rather, fighting, the good – fight, for those principles, this country was founded on. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is so important, if we hope, to preserve America’s greatness.

1. Timely; trends; tone; Trump: Whether one agrees with President Trump, or disagrees, we should all recognize, his tone, is often, at – odds, with the traditions and rights, we’ve come to expect! Rather than accepting the politics of division, wouldn’t we be better off, if partisan politics, was avoided, and replaced with well – considered, timely action, for the common good? This means, understanding relevant trends, and taking advantage of them, by appealing to, a more cooperative, meeting, of – the – minds! More details please visit:-http://techypills.com https://jignal.com/ https://fontstiger.com/ https://laramediagroup.com

2. Integrity; innovation; imagination; immigration: It seems, we have departed from the famous words, written on the Statue of Liberty, and, instead of focusing on, how immigrants have made this nation, greater, the current occupant of the White House, has made immigration, a polarizing, antagonist, xenophobic issue! When someone appears to make misstatements, etc, on such a consistent basis, many Americans, will, obviously, believe, that individual lacks the integrity, we need and desire! Instead of having a well – developed, relevant, time – tested, sustainable imagination, and innovating, for the common good, this President, has seemed to want to bring us, back to the past!

3. Relevant; reality; race – baiting: While we would benefit from relevant, sustainable, unifying leadership, and a keen understanding of reality, and history, we have been witnessing, an apparent appeal to race – bating, and polarization!

4. Ethnic politics; ethics: Ethnic politics, appears, to be, the antithesis, of, what, this nation represents, and stands for! What has happened, to an allegiance, to basic ethics, and fairness, for all?

5. Deliver on promises; too much drama: We need leaders, who, under – promise, and over – deliver! Rather, we have witnessed, far too much drama, and not enough focus on unifying!

Stop being TIRED of what’s happening, and the politics, of division! Rather, proceed with greater endurance and commitment, and a focus, on making America, the nation, we are proud of!

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