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You can type a simple search term into Google news such as ‘Advertising’ and you will instantly be able to read about the latest advertising campaigns and results.

If you are hoping to work in media sales then keeping up to date with news online is the key to your success. You will need to be able to spot the latest trends and the best places to sell media. This will help you to sell more and get people in the industry to respect your knowledge of the subject.

Take a look at some of the recent stories below and see what you think. If anything catches your eye in particular then you might want to voice your opinion on some digital media forums and blogs. Moreover, this list is only short and there are plenty more stories out there for you to read about.

Digital Britain report
This report claims that Channel 4 should include digital media operations in its public service. This is good news for the digital media industry because it proves how powerful it can be and just how many people use online media and digital platforms. It is now becoming a vital part of business, media and every day life (for some people!). More details please visit:- ketamine for depression near me treninguri barbati

Twitter friend finder is disallowed by Facebook
This news comes after a string of privacy complaints related to social media websites. It is clear that the application has been blocked by Facebook, but not as to why it has been done.

eMarketer report: Digital Media has the potential to reach new customers.
This could lead to many companies believing that they must increase their digital media advertising spend, and in most cases this would be a great move.

Virgin Media aims to cement their place in the digital media sphere.
It has recently become clear that Virgin will provide customers with a fully connected service. This will be made possible by an American digital video company called Tivo.

iTunes competition is grabbed by HP.
Melodeo is known as one of iTunes main rivals in the digital music arena and HP have recently taken the opportunity to partner with them.

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