Health and Wellness Savings Account For Your Best Life!

Today I want to share the idea of creating your own personal health and wellness savings account for your best life!

You see, I relate health, wellness, and fitness to the ideas that come to me from the business side of life. I have been thinking about this idea of a Health and Wellness Savings Account.

As I see it savings accounts are for a better financial future and why don’t we feel the same about our health and wellness. Why don’t most people think about an awesome future of extraordinary health and well-being? Rather than the story, many believe that they are doomed to the exact story of their families?

Best Savings Accounts Ideas for Your Best Health

You see entrepreneurs spend much of their time learning new business ideas. The learning is about creating success in business and that means creating income and that means money! Entrepreneurs are taught to get educated, grow themselves to grow their business successfully to live a wonderful lifestyle. Taking many courses, workshops, seminars, lectures over my business career so far. Some of the education was free, some of the courses cost very little and some were more than I could afford at the time yet worth the investment in the end for my business development and personal growth. Each course I took has changed me. Now, it is vital to know that each course has helped me to think differently.

When I listen to business information today I listen with different ears. I listen and realize there is much information provided that we can implement for our better health and well-being.

Create Your Health and Wellness Savings Account to live a wonderful lifestyle today and all life long!

The sad thing is in our modern world is many people are living with chronic illness. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes are the top 3! Yet it doesn’t have to be this way and if we began to think of our health and wellness Savings Account maybe we can change all of this? More details please visit:-

Most of us spend way more money than we think we spend. If we don’t actually take the time to realize what we DO spend we will never get to the point of spending only what we want to spend monthly so we can reach our goals. It is the exact same for our health and wellness! We think we eat better, exercise better, sleep better, think better, hydrate better and breathe better than we actually do!

I am developing an idea about how we can create a Health and Wellness Saving Account strategy and here is the first part. It would be great to hear your thoughts in the comments section below or send me a note.

Here is what I mean. It is time to Get Healthy! If not now – When? Mostly what I hear is I don’t have time and I can appreciate that, however, take time now and develop a system for you and your family that allows a new way of thinking about health to be automatic.

You know just like an Automatic Savings Account. Yet we have to start where we are right at this moment.

Grab a paper and pen to start here:

Your Health and Wellness Savings Account Action Plan:

§ The first part of this plan is How you THINK about your health and fitness. What you THINK about the quality of food, exercise, sleep, thinking, breathing, and hydration you are getting each day? Here you will write down what you THINK is the amount of processed food vs. real food you eat daily. Write down what you THINK your physical activity is daily. Take the time to put pen to paper on what you THINK your thinking is like? It is important to Write down what you THINK your breathing is like? And definitely, write down what you THINK your hydration is like?

§ The second question is How you WANT your health and fitness to be like. Here you will write down how you WANT your eating strategy to be like. Be sure to see How you WANT your physical activity to be like? And, how you WANT your thinking to be? Look at How you WANT your breathing to be? Figure out How you WANT your hydration to be?

§ The third question to ask yourself is How Are Doing your health and fitness? Write down: How DO you eat daily? How DO you do physical activity daily? Figure out How DO you think? What do you have to change and be better on How DO breathe? For sure you must look at How DO you hydrate? How DO you sleep?

You now have your health & healing story

Now you will have a base to begin. You have the real story on your health and fitness. You can begin to create a stable base for the future. What in your list is the first thing you want to create stability in? This is where you start. Creating the stable base allows us to be more creative, risk-taking in those life and business adventures once this is in place. If the base of your health, wellness and fitness are set up on automatic and get done with ease then moving to the next step is so much easier. Just like if you have an automatic savings account for travel. Each month you put away a bit for the trip you are planning. When it’s time to go you are ready and it didn’t take much effort because you saved a little bit each month.

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