Healthy Whole Wheat Pancakes Made Yummy 

Many people are making a significant effort to eat more healthy, especially in the morning. Over the years in my house we have tried many different things, but one thing has always stayed with us, pancakes. Pancakes are just so easy to make and can be enjoyed in so many different ways. We of course try to keep our pancakes as healthy as possible.

They are yummy when they are fresh off the pan and they can be enjoyed in so many ways. Pancakes are delicious for sure, but the problem for many of us is not the pancake itself but all the stuff we pile or pour all over them.

When it comes to health we go for the healthy whole wheat pancakes, but when covering even whole wheat pancakes with all that syrup and sugary stuff we are not getting the health benefits we bargained for. However, without all the toppings a healthy whole wheat pancake is not really my idea of a good meal.

To avoid smothering your possibly healthy whole wheat pancake find a different way to add flavor. One idea is to add some of the syrup you love into the batter for that same great taste but without the quantity typically used when pouring it all over the top. Another great idea to get more flavor by using less is by using real butter. Real butter has more flavor and requires you to use less while still getting that flavor we love. Butter has not been positively promoted so much over the years, but studies actually show that because of its flavor we typically use less of it than the artificial stuff that comes with the trans fats. I simply prefer natural substances over artificial in all cases.

Bringing out the flavor of healthy whole wheat pancakes can be done without drizzling sugary syrup all over the hot steaming little thing on our plate. Try finding a whole wheat pancake mix with delicious ingredients to begin with. You can add to those ingredients too to find a way of making them tasty at the start. By doing this you are a lot less likely to pour the calories on after you have cooked up your little treat.One of the best ways to shed a few pounds is to begin healthy eating to lose weight. Everyone wants to know how to lose weight fast but that is usually the wrong avenue to take. Instead, try consuming a healthy diet plan. Making healthful food choices then avoiding the worst foods to eat by not consuming fast foods is an excellent plan. More details please visit:-2023 election results

However, a lonely stack of pancakes for most of us is not enough. The joy of pancakes is largely there because of the variety of toppings that taste so good. So if you are like me and just do not like eating pancakes plain regardless of how tasty they are, try some lower sugar toppings. Freezer jams that are homemade are my favorite. They have much less sugar and they are soft and easy to spread. Another favorite of mine is a little fruit and yogurt. Peaches, pears and applesauce are a bit less in sugar than some of the other fruits you might consider.

There are many other great things you can do with whole wheat pancakes. Try cooking them in different shapes or even mixing the batter much thinner so that you can roll the pancakes up with fruit on the inside. Kids love to do different things with their yummy food. You can even use a little whipped cream to help things along without taking too much away from the healthiness you have tried so hard to create. Making them look good is often just as important as making them healthy and tasty.

Having a meal that will invite you or an entire family to sit down long enough to eat something healthy is not always an easy task. Now, with healthy whole wheat pancakes that can be made up so many different ways and taste good without all the sugar, you can do a little better. Take a morning out of your weekend and put your creative brain to work and come up with a way to enjoy healthy pancakes.

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