Becoming Pregnant Is Still the Next Happening Thing

Vaderschapsverlof (geboorteverlof): alles wat je moet weten

When to become pregnant is never an easy question, especially in these demanding times. With the world economy at recession, things have slowed down considerably. For full time workers, most employers are offering pay cuts in return of not making the job redundant. For a pregnant person it doesn’t get any easier and you might be discriminated upon. So, you might think that planning to become pregnant in these times is an extra burden on you financially. In most developed countries people are holding off having babies in pursuit of career and ambition, but when they realise that the challenges never end, zwangerennu it becomes too late. Some people simply don’t take any children in fear of the pain associated with pregnancy. This results in very long term effects on the people and on the state. To become pregnant depends mainly on your biological clock, regardless of the struggling times you are facing. So if you are looking for the right time to become pregnant, time it with the ovulating period of the menstrual cycle, not the financial crisis.

It is a widely known fact that women tend to become pregnant more while they are at their peak ovulating period. This is when the estrogen level is high and the ovary is releasing matured eggs. On a twenty eight day menstruation cycle, the fourteenth day is the most fertile of all. Menstruation cycle varies in every woman, so it is essential that a woman understands her body and be able to tell when it is due. For teenagers and for women who are approaching menopause it tends to be quite irregular. There have been some cases when women have become pregnant well past their ovulating period. It is nothing to get disheartened about if you have made up your mind to become pregnant.

Health is a big factor when you are deciding to become pregnant. If you are healthy then the chances of pregnancy increases and the baby won’t lack of any nutrition and be healthy. It’s best to abstain from smoking and taking any form of medication without consulting a doctor. A baby draws nutrients from the mother directly through the umbilical cord, so any medication not prescribed by the doctor may be harmful. Furthermore healthy partners tend to have more libidos thus increasing the chances of pregnancy and you are able to become pregnant.

After copulation sperm stays active for four to five days in the uterus of a woman depending on the condition. Favourable situations will further enhance the longevity of the sperm making it more active. During the period of ovulation the cervical mucus changes texture which further enhances the life span and the affectivity of the sperm. A healthy ovum is most effective for twelve to forty-eight hours after being released from the ovary, after that it degenerates and is forced out of the system. So, the best time to become pregnant is within the time period of those twelve to forty-eight hours.

There are no set rules on how and when to become pregnant; the text book just provides the guideline for all scenarios. You need to have a better understanding of your body, as the physical changes in the body are minute. There is a slight rise in body temperature, but it is so minimal that it might get overlooked at times. Some women tend to have a bit of abdominal discomfort during the period of ovulation. It’s best if you keep track of all the symptoms and can eventually tell the time on when to become pregnant.

When the sperm attaches itself with the ovum it is said to have fertilized the egg, but you have still not become pregnant officially. The egg can get flushed out of the system during the usual menstruation cycle. You are pregnant when the egg travels up the ovary and attaches to the wall of the uterus. That’s when the cells start multiplying and the things are happening within you and you become pregnant.

To become pregnant is a very complex mechanism. Millions of years of evolution have perfected us by methods of natural selection. That may seem a bit cruel in these times but once it was the only means of propagation for our life line. In recent times even if you have complications, doctors can perform wonders for you to become pregnant. Nowadays you can go to a sperm bank and pick up sperms for artificial insemination, or you can just get an egg from a donor and fertilise it artificially then insert it in your womb to become pregnant and experience motherhood. You do not need to have a partner or sexual intercourse. But still, the satisfaction from procreating naturally is priceless. For others who are not able to become pregnant, don’t lose hope as there is always the helping hand from the doctors.

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