Strong Marriages Leads to Healthy Parenting

Building a positive and healthy relationship between parent and child is one that requires work and effort to make it strong and successful. Much of the effort towards effective parenting can be supported with a foundation of a healthy relationship between a child’s mother and father. A strong marriage leads to healthy parenting.

Psychologist John Bradshaw points out that the chief component of the family as a system is the marital partnership. If the marital relationship is healthy and functional, the children have the opportunity to grow. Healthy relationships are mature, which means equal, self-responsible, and mutually supportive. In a healthy relationship, each partner has a commitment to respect and discipline within the relationship.

When a couple in a healthy relationship decide to become parents, they role-model strong relationship behaviors for their children. They readily accept that having children is the most responsible decision of their lives. When such a relationship forms the foundation of a family, each child will have a healthier journey in which to grow and develop. Research on the human brain strongly indicates healthy parenting leads directly to healthy brain development in children. More detail please visit:-

In addition, the more stable and secure the relationship between parents, the more a child can be different, and develop into his or her own person. As long as mom and dad are getting their needs filled from each other and from other healthy relationships, they will not use their children to fulfill these needs. This allows children to find their own “uniqueness.”

Children of functional parents in a healthy relationship have the chance to grow and have more freedom to explore the journey of self-actualization. These children are not weighed down or burdened by their parents’ frustrated or anxiety-ridden expectations or projections. Healthy marriages will help build a child’s self esteem.

But there are no perfect marital relationships. Mom and dad will inevitably run into conflicts. Handling conflicts in loving, respectful, assertive fashion will role-model for children, as well. Rather than striving for perfection, being intentional about showing respect, consideration and self-control is what building healthy relationships is about.

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