Over the Toilet Cabinet Ideas and Inspiration

The bathroom can be one of the most difficult rooms in a home to decorate and furnish. Often the space is confined, which means if you make a big mistake in the design and layout of your essential fittings, then that mistake will stick out like a sore thumb. That rarely happens, but bathroom furniture can also look out of place if you make a careless choice; in a small space that mistake looks worse than say in a large living where the space minimizes the visual effect of such a mistake.

One safe option for the bathroom is the over the toilet cabinet. As these modern storage conveniences, which some call over toilet space savers, are made to fit standard size toilets, you should at least be sure of getting a cabinet which fits snugly and not stick out like that sore thumb. The only way you can really go wrong is to choose a wood finish that conflicts with existing furniture, and you are unlikely to make such a mistake…aren’t you?

The range of over the toilet cabinets available in the marketplace is quite wide, so it is worth spending a fair bit of time in your search. Fortunately they are available in all the popular wood finishes of the contemporary bathroom, so finding a good match for any existing bathroom furniture is almost assured if you have the patience. Finishes such as beech, walnut, Espresso, pine, teak and others can all be found in over the toilet cabinets, both online and in local stores. If you prefer a metal frame for the stand that supports the cabinet, then again modern favorites such as chrome, nickel and stainless steel are also available.

Once you know what it is you want to store in your new bathroom cabinet, now and in the future, then you have two other important decisions to make. How tall do you want the over toilet storage unit to be, and how many open shelves do you want. It is worth bearing in mind that if you get a short unit and then find it is insufficient, it will not be possible to extend it upwards. So perhaps it is best to play safe for the future and get a cabinet unit that extends close to the ceiling. That way your over the toilet space will be fully utilized.


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