Pirate Girl Party Ideas and Accessories – Pretty in Pink!

Plan a Pirate Girl Party using pink party accessories. With Pirate Parties being all the rage today, girls want to get in on the fun and why not, there were, after all female Privateers too. Some of them are just as popular as the dastardly guys we always hear about. Besides, why should boys be allowed to have all the fun? Pirate girl accessories look pretty in pink, but don’t let that fool you…these lady buccaneers can be just as tough as the guys. Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two female privateers, would put on men’s clothing and fight on the high seas along side of their shipmates.

Send out some pink invitations…with a Skull and Crossbones on them.

Party Plates and Decorations

Pink Pirate accessories are easy to find online. The plates, cups and napkins are pretty in pink with a white skull and crossbones on them. What a lovely table these will set. Finish of your decorations with some pink balloons and some pink and white streamers. Serve your “grog” in Skull Cup, it comes complete with a straw.

Pink Skull Party Favors

Pink Skull party accessories were designed with the lady privateer in mind. A unique party favor is the Grow Your Own Pink Skull! You put the little skull in water and it get bigger…and bigger. These grow your own things are pretty funny. I saw a Pink Skull Coin purse that would be another great favor idea. Your lady buccaneers will be able to put all their bounty in them. There is even a Pink Skull favor kit that includes tons of pirate treasures. The favor box is shaped like a purse and in it you will find lip gloss, cell phone shaped notepad, a gel pen, body crystals, some jewels obviously stolen from some looted ship and a pink skull sticker…any lady buccaneer would say that’s a fine pile of loot for a day’s work.

Take Party Pictures

Make sure to have your camera ready! You are going to get some great pictures at this party. Make sure to get a “crew” shot and send copies to each guest along with your Thank You cards! Photos are wonderful keepsakes to share.

Play Pirate Games

Find or make up a pirate name for each girl and give your ladies some lessons in pirate talk. Have them give walking the plank a try, fall off and you loose your turn. All you need for this game idea is a 2 X 4. Let each girl walk across it without falling off. It’s easy to set up. Don’t have a 2 X 4? Just draw lines on a driveway or sidewalk with chalk.
Pink Privateers like pinatas so get one in the shape of a ship. Hang it out in the yard and let the girls jump to pull the string if you got a pull string model, or let them hit it with a stick if you got the regular pinata we are used to. Watch everyone scramble to get the loot when it breaks!

Sing some old buccaneer songs and then let the crew set off on a Treasure Hunt. Print out the maps on pink paper and make the X that marks the spot dark pink or red. Put all the buried treasures in pink foil or paper.

Have a relay race…split the guests into two teams. Set a course they have to follow in the yard and the game is done when each member of one team completes the course. Put a twist on a plain old relay race by adding some Dress Up fun to the game. Get some old clothes and accessories that each team player must put on before running the course! Make it look like a girl pirate costume if you have the clothes to do it. You can always look in a consignment store for a girls costume or buy one on sale from a costume store online.


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