Calm and Storm – A Technique to Freely Accelerate or Decelerate Your Body and Mind

Greetings to you! Have you ever noticed, that time is not always running at the same pace for us? Put your hand on something hot, and a minute will feel like an hour. Sleep, and few hours will pass in a second. If you have ever been in an extreme situation, you might have noticed that time seems to slow down for you, as if everything around is in slow motion. The reason is that your mind starts working much faster, thus you process more information in a same time period, thus for you everything seems slower than usual. Did you know that you can control when and how fast your mind is? There exists a very simple technique that allows you to do that! There are many reasons why you would want to accelerate your mind and body. Maybe you are going to participate in a competition, maybe there is a risk of having a fight, or maybe you just want to impress someone during the interview. Accelerating your mind and body results in faster thinking, faster reactions, and stronger body (yes, your strength depends highly on how active your nervous system is). Of course, there are situations, in which you would want to decelerate your mind. If you have just been in a stressful situation and you want to calm down, or if everyone around you is panicking and you want to remain calm. In any case this technique will help you in both scenarios. And it is quite simple too! Give it a try.

Name: Calm and Storm

Goal: To arbitrarily accelerate or decelerate your mind and body.

Efficiency: 9 out of 10

Simplicity: 3 out of 10

Description: The idea is simple: You will associate yourself with some process, such as wind, fire or storm. Then, by visualizing changes in this process you will make your mind and body follow the similar pattern.

Technique: Close your eyes and imagine any kind of natural elemental process. This could be a fire, a storm in the sea, a wind, etc. Choose whatever you like more or can visualize better. I will give you an example with fire, but feel free to modify it according to your own element. If you want to accelerate your mind, then first, imagine that you are sitting in a calm room, with no fire. Then imagine that there is a fire starting in a corner of the room. Gradually, fire grows and covers more and more area. It gets stronger and stronger. You can already feel the heat. It gets bigger and bigger. It can reach the ceiling now. It comes closer to you. You can already feel how fire touches your skin. It enters your body. Slowly it fully absorbs you. There is nothing but a raging fire now. You have become one with it.

If you can visualize this process well, then your nervous system will get aroused, your mind and body will get faster and stronger.

In a similar manner, you can calm yourself down with a backward process. First, imagine that there is a raging fire in the room. Then slowly make it weaker and weaker, until it completely disappears. Do not work too fast, or your organism will not be able to catch up with your imagination. If you practice this exercise long enough, you will be able to accelerate or decelerate your mind simply by remembering the state of the mind that you need. But to do that you need practice! So give it a try.

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