Smart Business Letter Logo Ideas and Tips for Crafting Your Company’s Letterheads

Designing a big hoarding with your company symbol that is placed outside your office or shop isn’t the only use for a business brand mark.

If you want your customers and business partners to recognize your trademark, then you will have to place it on every mode of communication from your stationary to your letterheads since that is how you communicate with your business partners and customers.

But your logo can’t be placed on your letterhead like the hoardings. It needs to be resized and rearranged to become suitable for the stationary.

Below mentioned are a few smart business letter logo ideas and tips for crafting your company’s letterheads.

1. Do not use images from your brand mark in your letterhead symbol:

If there are images in your brand mark, then do not transform them into your letterhead. Keep in mind that you will need to get quite a lot of prints of your letterhead and using graphics will increase the cost of the prints needlessly. Also, transforming images into letterheads can be a tricky business and can look low quality of the image is even a little distorted. So instead of using images, just place your business name in the center or right hand side of your letterhead.

2. If your trademark is colored, then transform the design into a black and white background:

If your trademark consists of bright colors like a purple flower with a yellow background, then you need to change the image into a neat black and white format and use that in the letterhead. Printing color can get expensive and will not give the letterhead the professional look that it should consist of. So it is better if your letterhead trademark is crafted in black and white or shades of gray to give your letterhead a professional feel.

3. If your brand mark is a single letter logo with the company name inscribed beneath it, then skip the inscription in the letterhead symbol:

Your company symbol with name in-scripted beneath may look good on the hoardings and banners but it will be too overwhelming for the letterhead. Instead, you can use only the business initial and mention the company name with contact details in the footer of the page in small fonts. If you think that this is making the letterhead page too plain, then you can add a small 0.25 inches border on the left and bottom of the page to give it a little color. Make sure that the color you use is according to your branding colors.


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