Car Thieves Have No Respect For Investigator

I was working with two other investigators on a surveillance operation to try and apprehend some property vandals that had been targeting our client. We had positioned our vehicles in locations where we could see the main approach areas of the property and detect the approach of the criminals.

One of our team had modified his vehicle to be able to conduct lengthy surveillance without being detected. He had a used station wagon style car that blended into the local environments where he would work.


Investigators need to make modifications to their surveillance vehicles so that they can do their job better or easier. Extra drawers or containers to place your cameras and spare batteries for example.

This investigator had built a hidden space in the back part of his wagon that enabled him to lay down and conduct surveillance without being detected from outside. He had a sleeping foam mat and woolen blanket to keep warm. It was inclined upward so that he could be comfortable while watching the property and not strain his neck.

Early morning activity

We had been on post for some time and nothing had happened so far and it was getting cold by three in the morning. We saw a white sedan moving slowly through the streets and warned everybody by radio that we had a possible suspect on the move. The white car drove down the street where our operative was and he bunkered down while we gave radio commentary on their actions.

The white car

It was a standard sedan with about four males inside cruising the streets at three in the morning. The way they were driving it was clear they were up to something. I saw it slow down and stop near our team members station wagon and a male got out with a slim jim bar ready to break in and steal the car.

Investigators were laughing till it hurt

The investigator asked us over the radio what to do and he was getting nervous while the male moved up to the window. We were all watching in hysterics at the lack of awareness these guys had. Deciding to call the police on the phone we stood by to see how it would pan out. The investigator decided he didn’t want to be stolen so he yelled out from inside the car. The young male jumped about two feet high and nearly had a heart attack. We were laughing that much we were crying.

Exit one white car

The white car immediately spun its wheels and took of leaving their friend behind running down the street trying to catch up to the car. Smoke from their tyres filled the street and the sight of a white track suited thief running down the road for his life was tremendous for us all. We saw a Police car go past just after the white car had left. We saw them light it up and go after them.

We settled back into doing our surveillance properly and thought about how our team member needs to buy us some drinks for that action.

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